Inflatable Race Markers And Marker Buoys
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Name: AFO Outdoor Advertising
Tel: +86-18575799273

Who are you?
    we are professional company for decades specialized in outdoor advertising and
advertising flying objects,
    as well as materials for shows and festivals.
    basically our products and designs are basing on inflatable--which is convenient to transport and flexible to install.

Where are you?
    our company's locating in Guangzhou(Cantón) China -- factory of the world.
    ideal location and convenient shipping help everything rotate rapidly and smoothly.

What kinds of language do you speak?
   we speak English.
   hablamos Español.
   мы говорим по-русски   
   nous parlons le français
   feel free to talk with us in your native languages :)

What's your product's quality?
    all of our products are cumpleting the comformity European. we have certificates of CE & UL ect for your importation of different country.
    as well as our strict-request on material of certificates too.

How can i pay you?
Thank you for cooperating with
AFO outdoor advertising.
1, payment term.
    the payment term you work with us is 30% anticipal and 70% balance befor ship out.
    for example your order value 1000$ in that case the anticipal is 300$ and 700$ befor ship out the products.
    in case of price term CIF the client should pay the transport with the 70% balance.
2, payment methods.
    we have various payment methods for your choice.
    T/T (bank transfer) method
    Paypal method (transfer commission should charge to customer)
    Western Union

What's the guarantee for your products?
   100% guaranteed for cover all kind of factory defects -- if their is quality any problems or factory defects, we will 100% compensate you the lose.
    (This term dose not include the damage of shipping -- in case of that we will help you require the compensation for the shipping company)