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AFO advertising inflatable tent for events

Author : Date : 1/13/2015 2:20:27 AM
 AFO advertising inflatable tent for events.


An advertising inflatable tent is an inflatable tent with sponsored logo installing for outdoor advertising in events -- for example for Marathon running, country road ride, Rely-race event, swimming competition etc.

An advertising inflatable tent is used for installed in racing terminal or racing start -- it's suitable for the judges resting inside or journalists taking a rest. More over it's a suitable for water or beverage station for the runners, as well as it's mostly for sponsors selling or promoting insides.

This advertising inflatable tent is not only a tool for resting or selling, but also a good media for advertising sponsored brands.

Of course it can be used for vending tent in the street too for personal usage.

It's inflatable type on the structure and thermal sealed -- which is very easy to install with an air bomb inflating by 10 minutes. when the event finish release the air inside then easily pick it up in a small volume package. This advertising inflatable tent is made of PVC which is very light for transportation -- one people is already enough to carry it and deliver it.

3D digital printing which is very good effect for the sponsored logos of this advertising inflatable tent -- the printed logo will be very outstanding and attractive to the public. For commercial usages -- for example renting business the client can put different logos by attaching it to the tent with velcros -- which all process is convenient and flexible to manage.

Besides this advertising tent is equipped with D-rings on it for hanging some advertising banner or other stuff -- it's personalized and suitable for various usages.

Size from 4m diameter to 8m diameter which is adjustable for different sites -- for example 4m diameter small size for small playground and 8m diameter big size for avenue running -- marathon etc.

As a matter of facts, during some sports events for example some running events in Spain -- this inflatable tent is very suitable for advertising by installing in the road size -- easily for installation with air pump only.
Later the tent will be with great visual impact to the public with attractive sponsored logo -- while the audience viewling the logo on tent watching the great competition of running.