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AFO new designs -- lighted advertising sphere for outdoor advertising

Author : Date : 12/23/2014 8:30:09 PM

AFO Lighted Advertising Sphere for outdoor advertising.

Lighted Advertising sphere is a sphere (inflatable type or other) with illumination insides and logos outsides -- it's one of the best ways for outdoor advertising at night, as well as an ideal outdoor advertising in day time.

You can put your own logo or sponsored logo outside the sphere, later lighting the Lighted Advertising sphere at night. Suggest tha it's installed in the entrance of a mall or a plaza, it'll be the most attractive stuff for the public's attention, as well as your logo is deeply showed to the public.

An Lighted Advertising sphere is easy to install with its own steel structure and flexible to keep by its inflatable type -- it's very suitable for a plaza or a mall in the central city.

Imagine that this Lighted Advertising sphere shinning in the entrance of your mall, deeply it will attract the padestrian passin by -- no matter they'll enter your mall or not, at least your logo is known there.

Please check the photo of ourLighted Advertising sphere in Siam Plaza, Bangkok Thailand, it's so charming and attractive -- so extraordinary with its innovative designs. Totally this Lighted Advertising sphereis attracting the padestrian passing-by, at least i am one of them :)

Besides this Lighted Advertising sphere is rentable easlily by changing its logo outside, you can also use it by various times with different sponsored logos.

AFO Outdoor Advertising we're specialized in designing and producing outdoor advertising designs and advertising flying objects.

For more outdoor advertising designs please check our website out .