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AFO advertising transparent show ball for exhibitions

Author : AFO Date : 12/24/2014 8:17:24 PM
AFO advertising transparent show ball for exhibitions.
advertising transparent show ball is an inflatable sphere made of transparent PVC with base, it's with zippers in literal and on the base. open the zippers It can put something or somebody inside for an advertisment or an exhibition by inflate it later with a blower incorporal. 
An advertising transparent show ball  which is very ideal and optimum for those exhibitions -- indoor or outdoor, for example you can put a car inside with illumination around -- that will be very attractive and charming to the public. Moreover people can show inside this advertising transparent show ball-- dancing or playing piano -- whatever they like.
In general this advertising transparent show ball is very suitable for a Show or a Concert as well as a Car exhibitions.
Besides of function of exhibition or advertising, it can be a tent also. You can put this advertising transparent show ball outside in the beach or the forest.
You can living inside and watching the stars or the sea -- it can provent the insects or mice outside but not stop you from seeing the view around.
advertising transparent show ball mostly measure 3-10m diameters for adjusting to different types of functions, as well as its materials measure 0.8-1.2mm thickness for meeting different demands of clientes.
advertising transparent show ball with steel-structured base to take good shape -- it will be rounder the shap of circle. based on inflatable this advertising transparent sphere is very easy to installe and flexible to keep and transport.
OEM service accepted by this advertising transparent show ball -- with decades of experience and high-technology we can meet our client's special demands. By a professional team of experienced designers we can make you advertising transparent show ball perfect and suitable.