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Inflatable Mirror Surface Balloon Details

Author : Date : 10/27/2016 12:20:22 AM
Inflatable Mirror Surface Balloon Details
mirror ball colors available as below
you're elegible for selecting yellow + golden + blue + green + white + black + silver etc which are suitable for your choice
if our precious client is requiring special color or special designs, pls kindly inform us for more details and check the available. 

most important thing about the inflatable mirror surface balloon is the reflection effect, a good reflection effect will make your event & decoration more charming and more attractive.
as well as bad reflection effect will do harm to your decoration or your event resutls, so how to choos a mirror surface ball with good reflections?
in AFO we're specialized in making and designing inflatable mirror surface ball with high-reflection effects. our mirror balloon designs are suitable for Disco Bar decoration as well with high reflection effect as glass disco balls.
so pls feel free to requir from us for a good reflection balloons without any doubt neither low reflection, just tell us your quantity and your measurement about the balloons.

hanging an inflatable mirror surface ball with problem? sometimes the balloon falls down with hanging rings broken?
we have new hanging ring designs which will be very strong and very durable for hanging the balloons indoor or outdoor.
all our hanging rings are sealed with machinery -- instead of  glue as other bad designs -- this technique will make the hanging rings attached very well with the mirror balloon.
later hanging the balloon on the wall there will not be problem and very stable for hanging inside. 
more than 4 rings will help you haning the balloon very well and very stable with it's weights evenly shared by these 4 rings

with all these details and all these effects they will make the mirror balls very good quality and very perfect in use of event decoration.
if our clients find something unknown, they 're welcome to contact us for more details and we're at their serve.

moreover an inflatable mirror balloon are also very geniuse for using in a amusement park for decoration
whiche will be arousing Children's curiousity and attention -- that'll make your amusement park more attractive than others'