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Marquee For Various Sponsors In Australia

Author : Date : 9/6/2017 6:11:10 AM
Marquee For Various Sponsors In Australia
Dimension 3mL-3mW With Logos Printing (Sponsors) 
Which is suitable for triathlon events and running events even football games for example world cup.
Yes, no matter how many sponsors do you have, we could make theirs logos in the same advertising marquee.
Later your sponsors will be highly know by the public and the runners even in midea. so just let us know your order.
Advertising marquee is very durable with aluminium structure and 800D cloth printed for walls. it can stand winds upto 6 grades. 
So it is very suitable for outdoor usage now that with various colors for its walls and its printing, what do you think?
Besides marquee is with low MOQ not like other designs with high MOQ, you can order 1 marquee from US no problem. 
We send them to world-wide from China to Australia UK Spain USA CANANA etc, every corner of the world, that's really cool, and funny. 
Advertising marquee is 40kg for shipping by DHL or UPS etc which is suitable for shipped by air and it's good packed during the journey.