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inflatable floating advertising triangle pull up

Author : Max Lightman Date : 9/20/2017 5:28:31 AM
Nowadays,TRIATHLON FESTIVAL is getting more and more popular in Australia or New Zealand.Will you be interested in it as well?
During the races,you will notice inflatable water pull up which is also a challenge game.The Inflatable floating advertising triangle pull up is designed and manufactured by AFO Fly Banners - an advertising inflatable company in China.This pull up is suitable for a range of applications such as advertising in Marathon event & triathlon festival & race event ect. All inflatable water pull up is installed and set up in the water, for example the pond during the triathlon festival, beach side, river side, lake side......even you could use it for center of the lake. You can put some pull up around your yacht for promoting your branding. which is also suitable with this water pull up desig.

It is made of inflatable, this triangle water pull up is very easy to transport also for keep in yor house. water pull up is very light ib weight and small in package while it is deflated. when you want to use this triangle water pull up made from inflatable. just fill it up with one air pump of 1200w. during 5 minuts this water pull up will take shap and just attach some heavy things for example some kind of small anchor to the Drings on the bottom of this triangle water pull up. then install it to the lake. These heavy things will make sure this water pull up is stable on the same position without moving frequently.

we use 0.65mm PVC Tarpaulin material for making this water pull up. this material is very ideal which thickness is suitable for airtight inflatables - high performance. besides 0.65mm thickness is suitable for printing. so you can have ur logo advertising on water pull up with LOGO printed. that is amazing and excellent.

we design and make inflatable floating advertising triangle water pull up for worldwide,if you are a organizer of some.kinds of sport events relation to water, coincidentally you are thinking about advertising on the lake or somewhere with water. just contact us and we are happy to give you high-perfil advertising solution on the water.
If you are a yacht owner, we are happy to advertise your LOGO or branding around the yacht - that is so noble with this elegant inflatabke triangle water pull up with impressive LOGO printing.

Material:Commercial Grade PVC Tarpaulin
Printing:3D logo printing (customer request)
Come with a 1200w air pump

Welcome to contact us if you are interested in any products.
Thanks in advance.