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AFO advertising inflatable walls for outdoor events

Author : AFO Date : 12/23/2014 8:24:51 PM

AFO inflatable advertising barrier walls for outdoor events.

An advertising inflatable walls is very suitable for outdoor events: sporting events,outdoor advertising, outdoor promotions, outdoor weeding ect.

Mostly inflatable advertising barrier walls are with printing in the wall and with characters above, which make it more attractive to the public or your clients as well.

Based on inflatable which is easy to transport and flexible to install outdoor -- no require more people to manage it and without any mechanic errors.

Thick PVC materials for inflatable advertising barrier walls with long life and much lighter than a real wall.

3D digital printing for the Logos and Brands which make your logos and brands more outstanding outdoor.

Suitable size for install, among 3-10 meters of length and 3-m meters of height.

You can put this inflatable advertising barrier walls in the playground or the hall of a plaza.

AFO we're teams specialized in designing and producing advertising flying objects and outdoor advertising. For more designs please visit