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AFO -- beautiful transparent ball for dance inside

Author : AFO Date : 12/25/2014 11:44:37 PM

Very beautiful transparent ball for dance inside.

This kind of transparent ball is for dance inside (also called dance ball), which is very optimum for a dance concert or any shows for the stage.

It is an important implement for the dancers showing their elegant dancing gesture inside, which with grand visual impact to the audience.

Generally this transparent ball for dance inside is made of transparent PVC, which is with strong resistance to tearing and capable to support the weight of several dancers inside.

Transparent ball for dance inside is installed with zipper outside for entering the dancers -- open the zipper then enter the dancers, close it then inflate the dance ball from outside -- now it's show time.

It's very convenient and flexible to used this transparent ball for a show or concert by dance inside -- only by hands of one person from outside with a blower.

You can dace anywhere with this transparent ball -- in the stage, in the concert, in the playground, in a football field -- even in the street, a street passing show? no problem.

Size adjustable for different type of dancers -- from kids to adults, from thine to fact. 

Generally this transparent ball size from 1 m diameter to 2 m diameter, also OEM service accepted by meeting client's demands.