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AFO festival cartoon for festivals

Author : AFO Date : 12/23/2014 8:23:14 PM

In most a exhibition cartoon can help your events attracting more public attentions.

Especially an exhibition cartoon which connects to the culture of your country.

For example the following exhibition cartoon designs for attracting people's attention in Russia.

An exhibition cartoon not only help you attracting the public attentions, but only it can decorate your events or your shops.

An exhibition cartoon based on Inflatable which means it's easy to placed and convenient to keep.

It's with high quality and durable in longevity, power saving by an exhibition cartoon of air-tied style.

3D digital printing will be adopted for the LOGOs or Brands above, one of the best printing technique for outstanding your brand or logos.

It's very ideal and flexible to adopt this cartoon for a brand promotion or put it in the entrance of your store -- decorating and make your store attractive.

Also it's very interesting if you use it for indoor decoration and indoor attraction.

Exhibition cartoon made of healthy material and complete the conformity of CE/EN14960 ect.

AFO Designs for decades we're specialized in designing and producing Advertising Flying Objects and Outdoor Advertisings.

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