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inflatable mirror surface balloon for events and festival

Author : Chivas Leo Date : 9/27/2017 11:50:07 PM
inflatable mirror surface balloon is newly designed for decoration or advertising for high profile event party or festival which will be celebrated at night.  
inflatable mirror surface balloon dimension  
1m diameter to 8m diameter  
mirror surface balloon is made of 0.40mm pure PVC for inner panels as well as reflection mirror surface cloth for outter panel of this balloon. generally mirror surface balloon always formed with two layers of materials which is durable in time and strong in use. due to this reinforcement technique this inflatable mirror surface balloon will not leak of air during the use in the event or festival.  
all mirror balloon are 24 hours tested befor packing and delivery.  
inflatable mirror surface balloon is high reflection especially at night time with lights around, with effect as really a real mirror does.  
various dimension of mirror balloon are optional for our clients. you are elegible to pick up 1mD mirror ball for small event or festival, or 8m diameter for a giant concert even a famous conference ect.  
most of all, all mirror surface balloon are with light weight, as they are made from inflatable. they are no so heavy like real mirror which is giant and foldable during the whole journey. mirror surface balloon is easy to carry and pack during the whole journey with light weight. in a word it is really simple to manage these balloon designs.  
for advertising use with these inflatable mirror surface balloon there can be go with LOGOs, as for the mirror surface cloth material, it is impossible to print a LOGO on it normally, but our experience permit another ways to put LOGOs on it. there is silk printing with HIGH quality LOGOs printed, which is mostly used for complicated LOGOs as well as we will inform our designer to paint the LOGOs on it, which will be beautiful also but with small fee additionally, meanwhile this kind of printing technique is used for simple LOGOs.  
surely we can make you LOGO as big as it could, by spanning the panels od mirror balls simply outside.  
are there wrinkle and bubble on the surface of mirror balloon while inflate it?  
yes, wrinkle and bubble are inevitable during the thermal sealed technique of production. more or less there will be wrinkle and bubble on the surface of inflatable mirror ball, sometime it is not so perfect for high profile events now that it is really high class.  
but we are experienced to minimize all wrinkle and all bubble on the surface as we could. by experience of our workers which are with high experience on these mirror surface balloon. besides, smallee the balloon, less wrinkle and less bubble, in other words, mini balloon is showing better perfil than bigger balloon. sometimes there are methods for minimize the bubble or wrinkles for example by using less stop point during the sealing process of production.  
where to and how to install and place this inflatabal mirror surface balloon? they are suitable and ideal for placing and installing in  salone, concert hall,  entrance of mall, central stage of disco bar, passages of fashion show, even backyard of your villa during the party celebrating time, even stage for talent show as decoration balls. as well as high profile event also suitable with this mirror balloon, we have experience of placing 2mD mirror surface balloon for high profile event in Seattle with sponsor LOGOs on it. betterly we also had designs for talent show in Italia, Italia's got talent.  
there are two methods to install or palce these mirror balls, one is place them on.the ground as well as the other is hanging them on the celling of the hall. our mirror ball design will go with attachment point with D-rings on the bottom for ground use, which will be anchor for this mirror ball on the ground and nail it strongly and very stable. as for the hanging use the mirror ball will gose with attachment point too, which is strong for hanging on the top. besides in order to make it elegant not seeing the attachment point or D rings from outside, all palcement or location of D rings or attachment point are placed very evenly and underneath for seeing from outside.