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inflatable pyramid race markers marker buoys

Author : Chivas Leo Date : 9/28/2017 11:43:52 PM
 inflatable pyramid race markers / marker buoys are made from inflatables and suitable and ideal for yacht race / triathlon festival / swimming race / sailing race etc. which are very convenient for installation or transportation for open water usage.  
all pyramid buoys are made of 0.60mm or 0.90mm PVC tarpauling which is stable and durable, strongly stand in the water during the whole open water events. besides these inflatable buoys are anti-hitting which will be safe from hitting by a boat or yacht.  
every marker buoys as race markers could be printed with LOGO by 3D digital printing, showing the best face of your LOGO on it. besides the printing is very stable with sea water or UV sunshine during the day time in the river or sea. meanwhile all marker buoys are strong enough for staying in the water even heated by sunshine in summer, auto release valve is applying for these inflatable buoys, for assuring air pressure inside is suitable and not exceed the standar air pressure.  
3 anchors are attached on the bottom of these piramide buoys as for fixing them by ropes or heavy particle in the water which will not be flowed away by the wave in the lake or beach side.  
besides of using these buoys as marker buoys during.the open water race, all inflatable buoys also suitable for advertising in the water, for example some marker buoys around the yacht with high impressive printing on them. that'sexactly showing the name or theme or topic of the yacht.  
all dimensions of marker buoys are optional and available with various sizes, we can design and realize the production according to client's request - in order that fits different kinds of water or requests.  
generally speaking, these piramide marker buoys are sizing from 1.5m to 10m, 1.5m is optimal for race markers usage as well as 10m is suitable for advertising in the water.  
advertising in open water, is a newly coming topic, meanwhile it is a topic serious and a difficult historic. how to advertising in open water well? it is a really tough problem. unlike advertising on earth which you can put a fly banner or sport banner directly to the earth, they could not install.these stuff directly on the water, it require a media for installing your LOGOs on the water. what about a boat? could be but it is really costly with renting it or consuming of gasoline, in traditional minds plastic buoys are used for open water advertising, but another problems comes, all plastic buoys are not suitable for LOGOs printed on it, or they will charge so many money and so many technique to make your LOGOs printed. what a charge.  
besides, all plastic buoys are very giant which are not foldable for transportation or keep them in stock, it really take a lot of volume and space.  
now comes inflatable marker buoys, which is light in weight and small in package, very convenient and very useful designs for open water.  
with these little package just fill it up with air pump within few minuts. later they will stand up like a plastic buoy or even better or larger dimension. 

photos of our infatable pyramid race marker marker buoys