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inflatable triathlon sailing yacht marker buoys race markers

Author : Date : 9/24/2017 12:58:03 AM
inflatable triathlon marker buoys race markers are suitable for triathlon festival & race games & promotion event & outdoor advertising ect.  
you can put these inflatable buoys for yacht racing games or race games or other open water race games etc. even swimming games.
which is ideal marker buoy design for pond and lake, even riverside during the triathlon event - really amazing and charming race markers during the event.of course for promotion usage or outdoor event, inflatable buoy can be placed on both sides of a street.  
these marker buoys are made from inflatables, which means they are easy to carry or install for any kinds of triathlon festival. they are only few KGs for transportation and 5 minuts to install during the triathlon event - only with an air pump of 1200w easily.  
in contrast to traditional marker buoys or race markers, you do not have to carry in with high weight or giant volume which is not suitable for press its volume due to its plastic material.  
besides these inflatable marker buoys for triathlon is with very favorable price - even the value theirselves or shiping fee.  
also you can have LOGO printed easily on these buoys.  
they are made from inflatables while their material is 0.65mm PVC tarpaulin. buoy material which is very ideal for 3D digital printing with your LOGO  
later with 3D digital printing technology your LOGIs will be very amazing and charming during the whole triathlon festival. moreover these inflatable race markers are very impressive and call up the entire attention of all attendants during the race.  
giant or small dimension are available from 1m to 10m. sometimes if you like LOGIs printed even bigger in the buoy, no problema just inform us yor details of order.  
with scientific technology of production and experienced design on these triathlon buoys.  
they are long time lasting and very durable during the triathlon festival or race event. you do not have to doubt that it will break or it will be leak of air. just feel assured to use them and enjoy the triathlon festival.  
various shapes of inflatable marker buoys are available for clients. some clients will prefer pyramid shape while other will choose sausage shape of buoys. do you think it is hard to choose the right design? luckly they are very easy to choose the shape of them, why? just check out shape of your LOGOs, if your logos are suitable for pyramid then choose pyramid shaped of marker buoys. as well as sausage shaped of LOGOs suitablr for sausage shape. looks simple. right? 
there are still others ways for LOGO printing for thesr buoys for example Silk Printing which will be with much better effects for LOGOs printed on the race markers. as well as these technique depend on the LOGOs type.  
Colour for options fora example blue green yellow orange red black white etc. all these colours for inflatable marker buoys are optional besides there will no extra fee for changing the colour of buoys. all colours are for making your LOGOs coordinate good with these marker buoys designs.  
For more information about inflatable race markers for triathlon buoys. do not hesitate to contact us as well as we will get back to your with more details about these buoys. 
Pyramid Shape 

Rectangle Shape

Ball Shape