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AFO festival attraction -- inflatable snow ball for Christmas

Author : AFO Date : 12/23/2014 8:28:18 PM

AFO festival attraction -- inflatable snow ball for Christmas.

Inflatable snow ball which is a transparent ball with decoration of snow-like inside, and using for Christmas festival attraction.

An inflatable snow ball is ideal for outside show to attract public's attention, more over the people can walk inside the inflatable snow ball to fell the atmospher of snow in Christmas -- no matter it's Christmas nor snowing now, you can use it in summer festival to "cool" the people by its snow inside.

It can be used by individual, company, government, a shop, a mall, even an outdoor events ect.

An inflatable snow ball can bring a different signs and attractive atmospher to you.

Made of transparent PVC and air-tight style for the floor -- it's capable to enter the whole family inside.

Inflatable snow ball measure from 5-10m diameters and OEM service accepted (customized)

Various size for meeting your request -- its size is suitable for any kind of your location.

Look at the picture which shows our inflatabe snow ball in Valencia -- which is rented by local government and it's very attractive to the public.

Find yourself an inflatable snow ball now for making your festival and winter more attractive with high atmospher :)

AFO we're specialized in designing and producing outdoor advertising mostly based on inflatables.

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