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lighted advertising inflatable totem cone for outdoor advertising

Author : Date : 12/28/2014 2:04:47 AM
A lighted advertising inflatable totem cone for outdoor advertising with great visual impact.
This designs is very attractive and beautiful at night with its illumination which will change the light color with time passing.
Lighted with illumination inside which will change its own color with times. It is very suitable for installing in the entrance of a theater & a mall & a cinema at night.
This totem cone is inflatable with blower in the button which is supporting this totem cone. base on inflatable this totem cone is very easy and flexible to take and keep. Size around 2.5 m height and 25 cm diameter which is very alike to a cone or a horn of a cow - beautiful designs and innovative models. Besides LED illumination inside for lighting this totem cone -- which lights are in various colors -- with time passing it will automatically change its colors. Lighted advertising inflatable totem is very suitable for outdoor advertising in events & concerts & activities & meetings etc -- it will be great visual impact to the public being a beautiful night views in the city. Moreover logos can be put on this inflatable totem cone -- printing on it or stick it on it as people likes.
Lighted inflatable advertising inflatable totem cone is changing its lights