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Lighted Inflatable Pillar For Night Events

Author : Date : 8/25/2017 9:51:12 PM
Lighted inflatable Pillar For Events At Night.
 Made of inflatable with lights for bottom. which is suitable for outdoor advertising in streets and mall entrance at night. 
lighted inflatable pillar will highly attract public's attention during the event or promotion at night.
size from 1mH to 6mH which is giant enough for outdoor event and giant LOGO printed on lighted inflatable pillar. 
65cm diametro for basing on the ground will strongly support this lighted inflatable working all night time.
shining and attractive for branding promotion or LOGOs advertising -- easy way to do and less cost.
 it's no expensive due to it's inflatable shape, only little money you can have it but will be very great effect during the whole advertising.

AFO Outdoor Advertising we're professional manufacturer of inflatable advertising in China which specialized in lighted inflatable pillar and more.
we are capable to design and manufacture high-appreciated inflatable advertising for your event o promotion for outddor or indoor.
for example lighted inflabable pillar etc.

imagine that if you put 2 rows of lighted inflatable pillar in the street, during the whole night it will shine and light.
it's not only advertising for outdoor but also very cool view for the street even for the whole city,
it's not only for advertising but also for decoration outside the street. 

there are many excellent example out lighted inflatable pillar which is doing very good result for our client.
some people put these inflatable pillar outside there mall and supermaket with there LOGOs on it.
for weeks there is good sale for the whole business and besides their LOGOs are highly known for people in the city.

if you want to improve your business or promote something during the night. yes , during the night. your lighted inflatable pillar will be the only charming sign in the city.
just don't hesitate to call us and we will make good designs for you. or email us for more details.

yes, besides these lighted inflatable pillar is also for outdoor events for example sportive events during the day time.
you don't have to put lights on the base, just inflate it during the day time of your event. 
also it's the unique shining view during the whole event and everybody see it and look at it.
do you think it's cool?
they will have better effect than fly banner and sport banners by using this lighted inflatable pillar.
moreover it's rarely to see this in the event so the attendants will be very happy to see your new design.

what are you thinking of this?
surely if you have other interesting idea, pls kindly let us know then we will realize your idea with inflatable designs.
so pls kindly look at our photo then you will see how interesting this idea is about our Lighted Inflatable Pillar.