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Inflatable Floating Billboard Buoys Advertising

Inflatable Floating Billboard Buoys Advertising Inflatable Floating Billboard Buoys Advertising Inflatable Floating Billboard Buoys Advertising
Product name:Inflatable Floating Billboard Buoys Advertising
inflatable billboard advertising marker buoys is water media for river beach pond lake swimming pool etc.   
which is effective billboard design for water-related advertising.  
generally this inflatable floating billboard advertising and marker buoys is very ideal and suitable for triathlon with pond or lake, swimming race, sailing game, yacht race etc. all games or races are open water types.  
all billboards are go with LOGOs which will be giantly placed on two sides of this billboard. all LOGOs are go with 3D digital printing and it will show the LOGOs perfectly which will highly call up the public and attendant's mail attention during all race or games or festivals.  
as a sponsor you will be happy use this floating billboard advertising as sponsor buoys to attract the main attention of people around.  
these floating billboards advertising are made of 0.65mm or 0.90mm PVC tarpaulin, which is thick and strong with high hermetic as air tight design. they can stand for 6 months in the water without any leaking of air. besides they can stand -20 degree in winter as well as 70 degrees in summer. in other words these floating billboard advertising as marker buoys are suitable for worldwide.  
as for the colour there are various colour for this buoys design. all colours are optional and free to change the colour without extra fee. you can choos the most charming colour as you want.  
these billboard advertising size from 2m to 10m. even larger as our client's request. any kind of resonable sizes are welcome and realizable.  
as for the guarantee of usage 5 years of  normal usage is given for our precise clients.  
if you are thinking about open water advertising but still not deciding the way to be. maybe a real billboard of wood or fiber glass etc. which will be very heavy weight to transport or very hard to install in the water. just think about this inflatable floating billboard advertising, which is only few KGs for transportation and few minuts to install. even you can toe it with a motor boat slowely in the river, in order that people all over the riverside can see thes marker buoys. 
these floating billboard also can be place in the open water as usage of marker buoys for triathlon sailing swimming yacht race etc. they are suitable for placing on the beginning lines of a game or finishes lines of a race, even the pond during the triathlon festival etc. they are flexible for palcing any where with open water to advertising outdoor.  
this is the unique way and most ideal way for advertising for these mentioned events or festivals. 
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