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Inflatable Paintball Bunkers Designs

Inflatable Paintball Bunkers Designs
Product name:Inflatable Paintball Bunkers Designs
Inflatable Paintballl Bunkers Design For Paintball Games (Sold For Session Or Series).

Dimension: various dimension from 1m to 3m (depending on each design of  paintball bunkers)
Material: 0.65mm PVC Tarpaulin (if paintball bunkers with printing) or 0.90mm PVC Tarpaulin (for high quality or high resistance demand)   
Colours: Yellow + Green + Blue + White + Black + Orange + Red etc -- free of charge for changing colours of inflatable paintball bunkers.

LOGO Printing: 3D digital printing or silk printing or painting -- depending on your LOGOs or thickness types of paintball bunkers materials. 
Package: cartoon or PVC Bag for package -- depending on the quantity of inflatable paintball bunkers.
Logivity Of Usage: 5 years for usual or dairy usage. 
Shapes Of Paintball Bunkers: Brick + Pyramid + Toast + Sausage + Tomb etc.
Other Shapes Of Paintball Bunkers Are Available. 

Paintball games are very popular nowaday as famouse outdoor events, for some CS fans they´re feeling very good with eletronic games in screen.
As well as they want to feel the emotive game in real -- as well as the real circustance as in the CS games.
In the vast outdoor park it can already supply the best zone for KILLING games with paintball in open air. 
With these really attractive inflatable paintball bunkers it will make your park reall circumstance as in the CS games -- reall killing zone.
This is the real reason why inflatable paintball bunkers originated and which are very popular for outdoor paintball games nowaday. 

We´re specialized in designing and manufacturing these kinds of inflatable paintball bunkers -- for already 10 years.
With 5 designerw whom are very professional on designing your bunkers and 35 workers producing and realizing the designs.
All inflatable bunkers are mostly like to real stuff for example tanks and trench or barriers etc -- which all gose with printing outside. 

All inflatable bunkers are easily to install and easily to manage -- due to their character of inflatable designs.
Only few KGs for transportation -- which mean 1 person is already enough to manage it, as well as their shipping is very cheap.
Not so costly like really bunkers -- which is seldomly to transport due to their heavy weights.
Besides these paintball bunkers are very easy to install -- only to fill them up with 1 air pump 1200W in 5 minuts -- everything is enough. 

High thickness of PVC Tarpaulin as material for these inflatable bunkers -- 0.65mm or 0.90mm with HIGH resistance character.
Which means all players could shoot these inflatable paintball bunkers freely without afraid of penetrate the bunkers -- it´s impossible to penetrate it. 
After the paintball games, all painting on the bunkers are very easily to clean with moody towel just scratch it lightly on the bunkers surface.
Later they will new again. 

Low investment but high profit -- all inflatable bunkers are with low price due to their simple design but with high quality due to their thickness of material.
All of these characters will lead to very high longevity as well as your profit will be raising due to the long term gainning of money.
Just invest these inflatable bunkers for times as well as you can use them for at least 5 years without problem.

More colour types are available now - you don´t have to pay extra money for these bunkers as well as changing colour is free.
You have more choices now for colourfull inflatable paintball bunkers -- just pick up your interested colours then let us know for designing your bunkers. 

How to keep these inflatable paintball bunkers well?
There are 2 types of choice of package for your option.
Generally cartoon package is usually required for transportation as well as PVC bag package is extractly used for packing after receiving the paitball bunkers. 
With all these packages your inflatable paintball bunkers will be well kept in your house or your stock -- but be aware of the mouse they will bite the package badly. 

Process for purchasing these inflatable paintball bunkers:
It is very easy to get these bunkers designs from us, just with several simple process with us. 
just choosing the paintball bunkers design from our catalogo or you could send us some bunkers design for our reference.
later we will arrange the quotation refer to your order -- from our catalogo or you could send us your own designs which are no problems.
confirme the quotation later, as well as we will arrange the proforma invoice for your reference -- with value of production and shipping cost inside.
30% deposit for close the order of inflarable paintball buners and we will start the production inmediately after your payment 30%.
during the production process we will let you know about every process and every news of your order, in order that keep your knowing everything.
while all inflatable paintball bunkers are ready -- we will take photos of details and videos of details for your reference.
when every details are confirmed and verified. you could pay 70% of the balance before shipping.
as well as your order will be sent while 70% paypal is received and every documents  are ready.