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Advertising Inflatable Totem Cone

Advertising Inflatable Totem Cone
Product name:Advertising Inflatable Totem Cone
Lighted Inflatable Totem Cone For Outdoor Advertising.
Lighted inflatable totem cone is an advertising material for outdoor advertising which is sew of Oxford Nylon, it's with blower in the base for supporting the lighted inflatable totem cone and blow the totem cone vertical. 
With illumination which colors will change by times this lighted inflatable totem cone is very attractive at night -- with great visual impact to the publc and attract a lot of attentions.
Moreover this lighted inflatable totem cone can be festival decoration for the family -- it will be a great attraction in the garden or the backyard.
The lighted inflatable totem cone is very optimum for advertising or attraction in the entrance of a cinima, a theater, central of the plaza, a pathway etc. besides it's a great attraction for decorating the mentioned places. 
The lighted inflatable totem cone is basing on inflatable -- which is very easy and convenient to transport and keep, with small volume and light weight. Besides it's very flexible to install and move by one person -- tie it with the blower then connect the electricity -- you can move it easily to anywhere with any problem of weight, the lighted inflatable totem cone is only 26kg around.
Lighted inflatable totem cone size 2.5-3m height and 0.25-0.5m diameters -- which is adjustable for adopt to various kinds of purpose.
Moreover this lighted inflatable totem cone is suitable for renting business, good quality oxford nylong permits this totem cone with more than 5 years of longevity garanteed -- long renting term beneficial for your renting business. the client can attach various of sponsored logos above with velcros -- easyand flexible. when the darkness comes, turn up the lights the lighted inflatable totem cone will be a great view in the night, as well as the logos above will be the first signs to the public.
Quality CE for lighted inflatable totem cone as well as it's material quality EN71 -- which will give you garantee and convenience.
Photo>>>>>> lighted inflatable totem cone is changing its lights.

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